Impact Areas

Our activities are in 12 fields with the greatest needs and opportunities for impact.


Putting people at the heart of the urban experience:

  • Citizen Engagement: Empowering citizens through technology and new approaches to improve urban governance.
  • Inclusion: Managing rural-urban migration in the Global South, refugees, aging populations, urban poverty, gentrification, accessibility and homelessness.
  • Wellbeing: Designing cities that give citizens the ability to pursue and achieve healthy living.
  • Economic Development: Understanding new economic trends, the future of work, and encouraging entrepreneurship and fresh forms of investment.


The hardware of cities, whether newly built or rejuvenated:

  • Built Environment: Bringing innovative practices to planning, design, construction and operation of traditional, social and digital infrastructure.
  • Greenfield Cities: Promoting exchange and learning among key visionaries and builders of new city projects around the world.
  • Mobility: Harnessing technology and data to move and connect people, places and goods more effectively.
  • Placemaking: Revealing the character of cities through arts, culture, thoughtful design and activation of shared spaces.


Policies provide the software that directs change in the public and private sectors:

  • Sustainability: Encouraging responsible urban living and green business practices.
  • Resilience: Adapting to climate change, and preparing for natural and manmade disasters.
  • Financing Strategies: Paying for the urban boom.
  • Security: Enhancing safety in cities and adapting to new global threats.