Cities on the Move

The fourth edition of ‘Cities on the Move’ will take place in November 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

On November 4, 2016, urban mobility leaders from around the world attended the third edition in Tokyo, Japan. The event was centred on the findings of a major report led by NewCities’ Senior Fellow, Greg Lindsay.

Read the report here: “Now Arriving: A Connected Mobility Roadmap for Public Transport”

Cities everywhere are on the cusp of an urban mobility revolution — a profound transformation that will affect billions of urban citizens around the world. What will our commute look like in twenty years? How will our parents and grandparents get around the future city? Who is failed by our current transport system? Are privately owned cars becoming obsolete? What will become of parking garages?

These are a few of the questions that keep urban mobility stakeholders up at night. New technologies and the potential they unleash make this one of the most exciting, yet challenging, moments to think about why and how we will move in the future city.

Over the course of three successful events in Mountain View, CA (2014), London (2015), and Tokyo (2016) we continue to assemble the most insightful voices from policy, industry, design, technology, architecture, economics and sociology, and from all regions to explore the many facets and changing nature of urban mobility.

The 2016 edition was organized by the NewCities Foundation with support from X (formerly GoogleX) and Toyota Mobility Foundation.

Re-Imagining Urban Mobility

Urban Mobility Article Series

To complement Cities on the Move, we invite participants and other thought leaders to contribute short papers on the mobility needs facing cities globally. Find out more below.

A Contract for Public Good: Urban Data in the Digital Age

By Ashley Z. Hand, AIA, LEED AP BD+C
Co-Founder, CityFi

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S3MaaSing Traffic and Pollution in Urban Environments
Smart, Shared, Sustainable Mobility as a Service

By Freddie Tinga, Founder, Global Electric Transportation

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Our Urban Mobility Future

By Katrina Duncan, Communications Assistant, NewCities

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Shared New World

By Jean-Marc Janaillac, CEO, Transdev Group

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Share the Road: Prioritising Non Motorised Transport in Developing Countries

By Sheila Watson, Director of Environment and Research, FIA Foundation

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The Permutation of Plans

by Caitlin D. Cottrill, Lecturer in Digital Economy, Department of Geography and Environment, University of Aberdeen Member of the University’s Centre for Transport Research (CTR)

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Urban Digitization and the Pulse of Cities

By David Fine, Product Manager at Placemeter

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Innovative Approaches to Encourage Travelers to Help Manage Transportation in Metro Corridors

By Paul Minett, Chair of the Ridesharing Institute

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Is The Future Of Urban Mobility Multi-Modal & Digitized Transportation Access?

by Susan A. Shaheen, Co-Director, Transportation Sustainability Research Center, University of California, Berkeley Matthew Christensen, Researcher, Transportation Sustainability Research Center, University of California, Berkeley

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Creating the Best Public-Private Mobility as a Service Mix

By Hans Arby, CEO, UbiGo Innovation

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A New Approach for Public Transport

By Masaki Ogata, Vice Chairman, East Japan Railway Company and President, UITP

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Transforming transport by building ecosystems, not ego-systems

By Jenny Lindqvist, Head of Intelligent Transport Systems, Business Unit Global Services, Ericsson

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Connected Urban Mobility: Q&A with Greg Lindsay

by Greg Lindsay, Senior Fellow, NewCities

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How Startups Can Lead the Way to a Mobility Revolution

by Gabriel Plassat, Mobility Ecosystem activator at ADEME (French Agency for Environment and Energy Management)

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Using Innovative Technology to Improve Road Safety in London

by Isabel Dedring, London’s Deputy Mayor for Transport and Katherine McKinlay, Principal Transport Policy Officer at the Greater London Authority

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Effective Mobility and the Good City: A View from Copenhagen

By Per Als, Chief Transport Executive, Copenhagen Municipality and Board member of UITP, International Association of Public Transport

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Smart Travel and Sustainable Mobility for Green Transport Cities

by  S.K. Jason Chang, Professor, National Taiwan University Y.T. Hsu, Assistant Professor, National Taiwan University

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Evolutionary Transportation and Mobility Marketplaces

By Feng Yuan Liu, Director, Government Technology Agency of Singapore

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Up in the Air: Urban Cable and the Future of Mobility

By Jared Ficklin, Partner and Creative Technologist, argodesign

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Why the Commons is the Way to Shake Up Transport of Tomorrow

By Bruno Marzloff, Director, Groupe Chronos

Based upon an interview conducted by Marina Bradbury, Director of Communications, NewCities

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A Mobility Reappraisal Early in the 21st Century

by Alex Krieger, Principal, NBBJ, Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Design

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Improving Mobility through Technology and Connectivity

By: Alexandre Bayen, Chancellor Professor, Director of the Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California Berkeley and Michelle Harrington, Communications Specialist at California Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology (PATH)

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Eight Things Project 100 Tells Us About Mobility-as-a-Service

by Greg Lindsay, Senior Fellow, World Policy Institute

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Improving Urban Mobility Through Technological Advance of Motor Vehicles

by Clifford Winston, Searle Freedom Trust Senior Fellow Brookings Institution

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Beyond Flying Cars, Drones, and Congestions

by Bruno Marzloff, Director, Groupe Chronos

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Re-Programming Mobility: How the Tech Industry Is Driving Us Towards A Crisis in Transportation Planning

 by Dr. Anthony M. Townsend, New York University, Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management

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