In February 2009, Cisco unveiled its holistic blueprint for Smart+Connected Communities (S+CC), a global initiative using the network as the platform to transform physical communities to connected communities run on networked information to enable economic, social and environmental sustainability. Cisco envisions that the principles of openness that have made the Internet a thriving ecosystem over the past 20 years be applied to create and grow the networked platform for connecting people with products, services and information. This same network would also provide a means for cities to manage services, provide citywide information, learn more about how their citizens use managed services and provide business opportunities as well.

Today, together with an ecosystem of partners, Cisco has created a powerful, integrated platform that incorporates top technology, applications and business models to improve the way communities and cities are designed, built and run – from lighting to waste management, from parking and traffic services to safety and security.Cisco’s reputation is already well established in the technologies, standards and experience in having supported the development of the Internet. The Internet of Things—and its next incarnation, the Internet of Everything—takes this revolutionary achievement to the next level. The Internet of Everything could connect 50 billion people, processes, data and things by 2020.