Montréal Roundtable Series

The New Cities Foundation, in partnership with Living Lab Montréal and Made in Montréal, are hosting a series of roundtable discussions featuring a cross-section of Montréal’s leading actors and creative minds. The goal is to take a new approach to build a stronger, more collaborative economy for the city.

Roundtable 1 –  Building Collective Intelligence

How can we redefine this new urban era? How can we look at the territory of Montréal to foster collaboration towards a stronger, more dynamic future economy? These were the central questions for the first roundtable discussion, held on November 30, 2016 and focusing on the theme Building Collective Intelligence.

Read the summary of the roundtable discussion.

Roundtable 2 – Montréal’s Attractiveness

How can Montréal stand out and offer new models for urban growth and success? Does standing out require old-fashioned competition? Following from the first roundtable discussion, the second edition, held on February 14, 2017, focused on enhancing Montréal’s attractiveness for businesses, global investors, talent, and, importantly, for those who call the city home.

Read the summary of the roundtable discussion.

Roundtable 3 – Montreal, City as a Laboratory

The third and final roundtable, in May 2017, will focus on how local experiments and collaborations can form a comprehensive and holistic plan of action. What do we mean by ‘the city as a lab’? What kind of partnerships does this require? And what are the challenges facing new collaborative models for business, innovation, and production?

Photo © Tourisme Montréal, Stéphan Poulin