Jakarta Urban Challenge

The Jakarta Urban Challenge is a USD $20,000 contest championing the most effective solutions to mobility and traffic problems in Jakarta, one of the world’s most congested cities. The New Cities Foundation and Connect4Climate came together ahead of the New Cities Summit 2015 in Jakarta to launch a challenge that would tackle this urgent problem by seeking out homegrown solutions.

Congratulations to the Winner:

First Prize (US$10,000): Squee Mobile App

A sharing app that unifies pedestrians and cyclists to travel together on shorter, safer non-motorized routes across Jakarta’s urban kampongs (villages).

And to the 2 runners-up:

  • Second Prize: (US$6,000): Jalan Aman (Safe Passage)
    A mobile application that focuses on the safety of female commuters, allowing users to share their location, report incidences of assault and access information on safe transportation options from other users.
  • Third Prize: (US$4,000) – Cyclist Urban System
    A plan to create dedicated “cyclist hubs” across Jakarta, where cyclists can park their bikes, get dressed, buy refreshments, repair their bikes, obtain first aid assistance and route information, and eventually rent bikes

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The Challenge rewards the most innovative projects that:

  • Improve traffic congestion
  • Reduce GHG emissions
  • Reduce air pollution
  • Improve safety and accessibility

The Jakarta Urban Challenge Judging Panel comprised:

Ke Fang, Urban Transport Specialist, The World Bank Group
Sarwo Handayani, Head of Governors team for Development Acceleration, City of Jakarta
John Rossant, Chairman, New Cities Foundation
Sutanto Soehodho, Jakarta’s Deputy Governor for Industry, Trade, and Transportation
Neli Triana, Senior Editor/Deputy Head of Metropolitan Desk, Kompas Muda
Yuan Xu, Country Manager for the Philippines, International Finance Corporation
Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize recipient and Founder, Grameen Bank

Each winner will use the prize money to implement their project in Jakarta. Their progress will be tracked by the New Cities Foundation and Connect4Climate.

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Photo Credit © Teguhonly